“Caleigh O’Shea” is the pen name of Debbie Pierce.

Born in Indiana, reared in Illinois, she graduated with a B.A. degree  in English and Journalism from the University of Mississippi (Ole  Miss). Two days in graduate school showed her she really didn’t want more education; she wanted to work. Which she did for the next several years on daily newspapers in Texas, Mississippi, and Illinois.

She covered a bit of this and a lot of that — education, municipal  government, transportation, chambers of commerce, circuit and county  courts. She wrote feature stories, news, a column, and collaborated with colleagues on series pieces.

Along the way, she earned some awards: Scripps-Howard Edward J.  Meeman Award for Environmental Reporting, Texas Press Women state contest recognition, and various local writing prizes.

She dabbled a bit in public relations, corporate communications, advertising, and pharmaceutical sales before opening her own web design firm, Jolly Spider.

And she always comes back to writing. Now that her only son has graduated college and entered the working world, she’s able to devote time and energy to putting words on paper and making stories come alive.

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Caleigh O'Shea, Debbie Pierce, author
Caleigh O'Shea, Debbie Pierce, author