Frequently Asked Questions

Why a Pen Name?

My real name is too common and shared by hundreds. I wanted to stand out while fully embracing my Irish heritage.

What does it mean?

"Caleigh" is Gaelic for slender, and "O'Shea" is Gaelic for stately, fortunate, and hawk-like (dauntless).

Are O'Sheas in Ireland?

Indeed! They're scattered across the land, particularly in Counties Kerry, Cork, Tipperary, and Kilkenny. 

Why write?

I couldn't not write! Even as a kid, I started novels using pencil and notebook paper, tied together with ribbon.

Writing routine?

Varies. I edit as I go, am forcing myself to outline first, and write to instrumental music, generally with water or hot tea nearby.

Other interests?

Sports (watching and participating), reading, blogging, beading jewelry, adult coloring, music (community band).